The leading full service, global provider of high quality printing, sustainable packaging and retail print products.

Strategically Driven Packaging Sourcing & Supply

We move fast! We supply hundreds of millions of boxes, retail displays and assorted packaging each year to major brands all around the world. We are already where you need to be!

Product Testing & Quality Controls

We own and operate state-of-the-art, fully-equipped packaging performance testing labs. Our quality control methods help to ensure brand consistency in all of our production locations.

Global Brand & Retail Service Divisions

Under our global umbrella be confident you have packaging professionals devoted to working with our customers to assist with the development of cost effective packaging solutions.

Superior Supply Chain Management

We leverage buying power throughout Asia from some of the world’s best paper mills and converting facilities guaranteeing adherence to specifications, ensuring quick development, quality control, efficient work flow and strict compliance.

L&E International, Ltd has just been listed on the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) for Asia.

Known for innovations in E Commerce packaging design, “end to end” packaging supply chain solutions, superior quality assurance, 99% On Time Delivery, and Sustainable/Eco friendly packaging solutions; L&E offers the largest packaging manufacturing footprint in Asia, with localized operations and production in 8 countries, covering the entire region. L&E has local manufacturing and delivery in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

L&E supplies localized offset, flexographic, and pre-print processes in all locations and delivers on average millions of pieces of packaging per day in the forms of color boxes, shipping cartons, wrapping tissue, hang tags, backer cards, bar code labels and stickers.

L&E is uniquely positioned throughout Asia to provide a vast array of processes and materials related to all types of packaging; such as box board, corrugated, tin, wood, thermo-form, and POS/PDQ products.

Amazon Certified



Package Management

L&E's packaging management system and attention to detail eliminates differences in paper, ink and machinery variances. When it comes to any type of packaging we can supply it worldwide and guarantee high quality and competitive pricing.

Customer Service

We provide full service from branding and structural package design to printing and fulfillment. Single-source packaging with L&E provides your brand a high quality product with consistent color and graphics in all countries of manufacture.

Worldwide Support

L&E provides a one-stop solution to box manufacturing, product and structural design, inventory warehousing, importing, outsourcing, order processing and complete pre-press services worldwide.